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2020. Everything human beings want and need, from food to clothing to transportation to entertainment, is provided by giant walking, talking robots!

It’s the first day of summer vacation, and 13 year-old Charley Moore is looking forward to hanging out with his friends at the mall and getting a new ThrowBot — a tiny handheld robot that will go get him anything he wants, whenever he wants it.

But when his parents — overworked and desperate for someone to look after him — send Charley to his Grandfather’s farm for the summer, he suddenly finds himself going cold turkey from all his tech...

How will Charley get by in a world of organic vegetables, toilet composting and NO ROBOTS? And how will Gramps — and the rest of the self-sufficient little town he lives in — deal when giant robots come looking for Charley?

Charley Loves Robots is a thrilling adventure comic, set in a near-future when the irresistable force of humankind's inventions is about to collide with the immovable wall of nature's limitations. And what can one small group of kids do to alter that trajectory? Tune in and find out...