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Dude lives in an 89 square foot house

Even smaller than my office!

The Motorcycle of the Future Has Arrived

"This is the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, a race bike built by a tiny Oregonian company focused on pushing the limits of electric performance to the absolute max. It packs 10 times the battery capacity of a Toyota Prius and 2.5 times the torque of a Ducati 1198 into a package that looks like something out of a 24th-century Thunderdome."

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Seriously self-sustaining arctic research bases

"Designed to be the first carbon-free facility on The Ice, the station employs a sophisticated energy-management system that makes the most of the limited power generated by its 52-kilowatt solar array and 54-kilowatt wind-turbine cluster. The station assigns a priority level to every piece of equipment and electric outlet in the building. Life-support systems and research gear trump dishwashers and portable electronics."


Lace Hilll

Via Gizmodo

Plastic gets there first

Surfing legends Chris and Keith Malloy have spent years travelling around the world looking for the best undiscovered surfing spots. From Antarctica to Iceland and from Galapagos to New Caledonia, no matter how remote the place was, plastic was already there.